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Friday , April 28 2017
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Overlooked Details of Being a Great Salesperson Today

The life of a salesperson can be quite exciting when closing deal on a constant basis. Many companies offer commission with no limit for those who are selling machines. The best part of being somebody that can sell is the fact that companies are always looking for great sales professionals so finding a job isn’t very difficult. Obviously there are different types of sales but there are some overlooked details that bridge these various types of sales. The following are overlooked details of being a great salesperson in today’s world.

Selling things often times can come from a referral or knowing the right person. For this reason utilizing LinkedIn can be a great way to build leads. Reaching out to people to introduce you to those in their network can be a great way to build contacts while potentially selling. The job titles in LinkedIn will also allow you to reach out to the right person instead of having to go through a few different levels of management before reaching the appropriate person.

Using automated follow up emails can be a great way to remind a person once a week or month about a conversation that you have had. There are times where leads go cold for one reason or another but can end up being a sale as they are reminded they need a product or service. Try one of these programs that follows up for you automatically to see how many dead leads are resurrected!

The business card being given out by professionals has been going on for decades. Standing out with your business card besides by the font or material that it is on is important. After a weeklong conference people will remember you as the person with the funny or unique card. Standing out from the crowd and being remembered when you follow up via phone or email is important. Otherwise it is like cold calling someone who was in the same place at the same time without any reference to who you are. Great business cards can be printed for affordable prices as has coupons on Groupon now.

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