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Sunday , February 18 2018
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How to organize a surprise Birthday party for a dear friend

Birthdays are those times of the year which are awaited by all. Of course, it’s obvious to remain excited for our own birthday but the fun doubles when you are preparing for someone else’s birthday. The celebration meets joy and care at such point which drives one to make the best of the arrangements, and the joy sees no limit when you are planning a surprise birthday celebration for your best pal. For a special friend, the preparations need to be special too! You would not want to miss a chance to make their most awaited day of the year memorable.  However while preparing for a birthday party, there are many points that people forget, and hence it is important to keep a note of all such points. Some of the points are very common, and hence they can be listed in a way that can help one to prepare well.

Here are few simple tips to arrange one of the amazing birthday parties ever for your friend:

  • Invites

The first job while organizing a party comes with making the invite list. For a surprise party, you need to keep it a secret from your friend and have to send the invites all by yourself. A text invite can also work, but an invitation card or call gives a personal touch. There are also online messages, and soft copy of card sent on various messengers that can help one remember the day.

  • Food and beverages

One of the imperative parts of the celebration is food as you would certainly want to treat the guests with best. Depending on the level of celebration, you can arrange for a full meal or snacks. Talk about the number of guests with the caterer and have a tasting session. Prepare the menu in a way that all the guests can enjoy the food as expected.

  • Birthday Cake

The birthday celebration is incomplete without the cake cutting session. If you are a pro at baking, you can go for a homemade cake or get a customised cake from any cake shop. Cakes can also be ordered online from the wide variety they offer. Online shops send cakes by post even on the same day of booking.

  • Venue

The venue for celebration is equally important. After all, you need a place to organize everything. The venue can be a Restaurant, Banquet Hall or your house itself. But make sure your friend doesn’t visit your house while the preparations are going on.

  • Decor

For a celebration, the decor of the venue should be attractive too. You can go for all bling or a simple decor with ribbons and balloons. Lightings can also do the magic.

Last but not the least; make arrangements to bring your friend at the venue of celebration. Since, it’s a surprise party, arrange for some party outfit so that your friend can change into it once the surprise is revealed. Online shops also take next day cake orders for birthdays on immediate orders.

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