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Sunday , February 18 2018
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Chicken from the kitchens of South

India is said to be the land of spices. These spices are an integral part of the culinary art and history of this country. That is why; each zone and part of this country has their own and distinct style of cooking and each part of this country differs from the other when it comes to their traditional dishes.

The best part about India is, when you are travelling in this country, you get to taste a huge variety of dishes and each one is a delicacy by their own way. Chicken for example is a basic meat which is prepared in numerous ways in India. These days chicken has become a very common ingredient for cooking for those who are non-vegetarian by food habits. Most kitchens prepare chicken in weekend dinners and it is gradually becoming a comfort food for many. Each part if India has their own distinctive ways of cooking chicken. When it comes to southern part of India, the kitchens here can cook the chicken with a lot of finesse and flair. They have some really authentic chicken delicacies that are famous in every corners of the world. Here are some famous chicken dishes, served hot from a South Indian kitchen.

  • KorriGassi

The main ingredients needed to prepare this dish are tamarind and coconut milk. This gives the delectable chicken some softness and this delicacy has its origin in the state of Karnataka.

  • South Indian Fried Chicken

This can be a perfect snack when it is raining heavily outside and you need some accompaniment with a hot cup of coffee. Here boneless chicken is cubed in proper shapes and then they are tossed in spices before frying them deep in hot oil. One can also add some green chillies as topping.

  • Chicken Nizami

A very rich and mouth-watering chicken dish which everyone should try at least once! Here while preparing this dish one has to add a flurry of spices. There has to be some add-ons as well like cream and cheese which make this dish even more delectable.

  • Chicken 65

This one is a famous one as a Chettinad cuisine. One can pair them up with rotis or a plate of steaming hot rice to extract the best taste out of it. One can also go for a plate of appam or a dosa along with this.

  • CoorgGawti Chicken

Want something very spicy when it comes to chicken? Well, then this dish might suit you well. This chicken dish is made with a lot of fiery spices and if your taste buds are ready for that, then brings it on.

  • Kerala Chicken Roast

When it comes to Malabar cuisine, this dish is a must try. This one comes from the state of Kerala and it is a dish which has spice based semi gravy.

  • Chicken Varuval

This is also a special dish from Chettinad. Chicken varuval goes extremely well with rice.

One can make any of these dishes at home.

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