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Friday , January 19 2018
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The branding and social networks

Social networking is one of the ways that have changed the way consumers communicate among themselves and have given all the marks the great opportunity that word-of-mouth about its products and services can be so broad and cover more ground as had never happened before. It is clear that also have radically transformed the power relations between consumers and advertisers.

That is to say that the marks are not the only ones that control the message. According to the results of recent studies indicate that 45% of the representatives of marks all over the world feel that social networks will pose new challenges to the integrity of the brand. The 34% considered that social media has significantly affected as to having to make many changes in marketing strategies.

But our experts in digital marketing of our Agency Orange Label, we tell our customers that with more than 600 million users on Facebook and other social interests, such as Twitter all these challenges make it worthwhile. More than 53% of the respondents considered that social networks have opened new doors to new opportunities to reach new consumers. The sector is somewhat divided as to whether these places truly help them to create brand represented with a 32% believe that does not help them and a 35% indicate that if.

The branding and social networks is one of the best mergers that may have a business owner you want to scale in the market. Creative marketing and graphic design work more than the hand, because we can cross concepts and styles with results visual graphics. The branding gives us all and each one of the tools to be able to introduce us to the world of graphic design.

If you need custom information about each of our digital marketing services, we invite you to contact your customer service through emails and phone numbers available on this website Orange Label Advertising. There is nothing more important than proper branding to be given to a business and that is why we work hard to ensure the best results.

Don’t miss a minute more and updates the branding of your brand, so you can position yourself on each and every one of the popular search engines of the internet, they remember that our agency digital marketing specialist is always at your disposal to carry out this type of work with the quality and efficiency you deserve.

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