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Sunday , February 18 2018
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The Benefits of a Water Tank

Water is essential for every aspect of life; you need it to stay hydrated and healthy, your plants and lawn need it to grow. It waters your crops, cools down hot days, and feeds your pets and livestock. For an element so ubiquitous and essential, it can be more difficult to come by than it should be. That’s largely because pollution and disease have gotten to a point that water cannot be simply trusted to be potable.

Water has to be treated at a municipal plant or with a water treatment system in your own house. That means that you have to pay for water to come to your house because someone has to pay to treat it. However, if you’re only using your water to water your lawn, prevent fires, or flush your toilet, it can seem like a waste to pay for treated water. That’s where a water tank comes into play.

Why a Water Tank?

A water tank is a system for catching and collecting rainwater on your property. There are several different ways for a water tank to work. To keep the water from evaporating, they are usually covered tanks connected to the roof drains of your home or business. Water will hit your roof and roll into the gutter, and from your roof gutter, it will drain into your rainwater tank. In your rainwater tank, it will stay until it is needed. Some people use the rainwater tank to water their lawns or gardens when it hasn’t rained in awhile. They’re a great way to save water for when a dry season comes. Water tanks in Canberra can be outfitted with many different attachments for different purposes.

Fire Suppression

A rainwater tank can be outfitted with a fire suppression addition that will allow you to quickly respond in case of a fire. Typically, a fire fighting coupling will be installed at the bottom of the water tank; therefore, the sheer pressure of the water will help force it through the hose. In many rural and municipal areas, a fire fighting coupling is actually required in a rainwater tank. That will allow you to respond to brush fires during the drought season and to prevent forest fires.

Floating Tube

When your tank collects rainwater, it will also collect the sediment that comes off your roof. You want to filter out that sediment if you are planning to use your water for any reason. That’s especially true if you plan to filter and disinfect the water for drinking, though it’s true for any use. Fortunately, the sediment will sink to the bottom of the tank, so a floating water tube actually solves the problem of sediment. By attaching the intake end of the tube to an inflatable, it will always stay near the top of the water. That means it will be above the sediment.

If you are trying to save money on water or protect your surroundings from fire, a rainwater tank is a great choice. It gives you thousands of litres of water at very little price to you.

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