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Sunday , February 18 2018
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Awesome side dishes to enjoy with chapatti or roti

Chapattis or rotis are the staple food of the people of Northern India. However it is enjoyed on a regular basis by people from different parts of the country as well. Rotis are easy to make, but the difficult task is to find out exciting side dishes to serve with them.

Both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian items go well with a chapatti. All you have to do is know some awesome side dishes that are never a failure when combined with rotis. Check out these dishes and do try them out, then next time you make roti at home:

  1. Chicken bharta: Whether having a plain roti or rumali roti, chicken bharta is sure to be a hit as a side dish. Rich, creamy and full of shredded chicken, this dish is a famous one from the northern parts of India. If you have a couple of friends over and want a dish that can be shared by all without any problem, then a big bowl of chicken bharta and a couple of rotis make the perfect combination! So if you want to try out an awesome side dish with roti, this is a very good option.
  2. Makhanekisabji: This is a vegetarian dish that is sure to send you salivating when combined with rotis. This comes with a curry base and can be prepared with cashews as well if you want to make it rich. Best as a dinner item, end the meal with a bowl of kheer and you will have the perfect north Indian dinner at your behest. If you want you can take a look at the recipe of makhane ki sabji in order to know the tricks and tips to make it perfectly.
  3. Mutter paneer: This is a classic favourite when combined with roti. Had typically during the winter months, a well-cooked plate of mutter paneer comes with creamy gravy and a rich taste. The bland roti helps in balancing the spices of the mutter paneer, creating a taste so perfect that you would want to try it over and over again. Mutter paneer is a common household dish and hence if you want you can easily make it at home without much hassle!
  4. Dal Makhani: How can a meal with roti be complete without any dal? And when it comes to having dal with roti, there is no better option than Dal Makhani!i This is best had as a dinner item. Combine the roti and dal with a vegetarian sabji and you have the perfect dinner time meal ready for you at home.
  5. MalaiKofta: MalaiKofta is a very popular Indian dish that is prepared with rich cream. This is a very rich dish and hence it is best enjoyed with rotis or nans. So if you are thinking of entertaining a few guests and wondering what to make for them with roti, this is a very good option.

These are some really awesome spicy and rich side dishes that work well with the bland taste of a roti. You can try these out for the perfect combination!

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