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Friday , January 19 2018


Anadrol is an androgenic anabolic steroid which is synthetic in nature and consumed orally. Anadrol is one of the brand names, the generic name being oxymethlone.

Medical applications

It was initially used for undernourished people, persons suffering from anaemia and osteoporosis. Though better drugs then oxymethlone were developed it found a new usage in HIV wasting syndrome.

Why do bodybuilders use it

Anadrol is an affordable steroid. It is a go to for many bodybuilders who want to gain mass extensively by protein synthesis since it is the strongest and effective androgenic steroid available in the market.

Side effects of anadrol are

Since it is an androgenic steroid it can cause male like manifestations in women who use it to gain muscle mass, such as voice deepening, hair growth all over the body, male patterned baldness, enlargement of the clitoris, change in libido.

Other side effects include vomiting, dizziness, headache, swelling, lethargy, loss of appetite, restlessness, jaundice, insomnia, acne, changes in the menstrual periods etc.

There are a large of other side effects, and these all may not occur to every individual, it is on the tolerance even level and if you take the dosage as prescribed with the right instructions while following a healthy diet and exercise, you can minimise the side effects on the body.

Effects of long term usage

If there is prolonged use of these drugs, there is chance of acquiring liver cirrhosis, hepatitis, cancer etc. As this medication is highly toxic to the liver and the individual who has been taking this drug is advised to get frequent liver function tests done.

Anadrol stack options

Anadrol is widely used and seldom used alone as it will no give very long term gains so it is best stacked with dianabol, Andriol or trenbolone.

Anadrol 50 cycles

It is better not take a dosage more than 100mg whether oral or injectable. If overdosed will only cause side effects and not benefits.

If you have a higher dosage of anadrol then limit your cycle as well. Smaller the dose the longer the cycle is the thumb rule of androl50.

There is a necessity to limit the number of cycles in a year with breaks in between to prevent liver damage. So 16 to 18 weeks of usage throughout the year.

It is necessary to end the cycle with PCT, which help to control withdrawal or side effects.

Where to buy androl

You can anadrol from the prescription of your doctor, if not street vendors are not the good option. But online ordering of this drug has been in vogue and many people are opting for this option. It is best to do a little research before embarking on this adventure. You should check reviews, videos, put out by veterans who have been using anadrol for years, though each body is different and tolerance levels vary, but gives you an insight in dosage, the brand, cost and procurement through shipment.

Comparing the cost, the website should give out what all ingredients present. And whether procure from registered pharmacies.

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