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Sunday , February 18 2018
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Amazing benefits of Green Coffee Bean extract!

When you return home after a tiresome day, you often sit relaxed on your couch and drink a cup of coffee for a peaceful rest. Have you ever wondered why you do so? This is because coffee primarily contains caffeine, which is a bioactive ingredient that helps in stimulating central nervous system or CNS and gives you a feel good experience. There have been many talks regarding the use of coffee bean extract in supporting weight loss but is there really any authentic information on the same? Is the extract of green coffee beans actually helpful or everything is just a big hoax? Although there is little research and experimental studies conducted on the use of green coffee bean extract in the human body but those small scale clinical trials also do not lie in claiming that it is indeed helpful in shredding excess calories from the body. There are many TV infomercials and advertisements given on different nutritional journals and online websites by Dr Oz which states the useful features of green coffee beans.

Why is green coffee bean better than any other dietary medications?

It is always said that naturally extracted bioactive compounds from plants are always more effective than any other synthetically prepared health supplementary products. There are medicinal plants which contain important phytochemicals in their leaves, stems or roots that can be used for the purpose of serving the society with hormonal therapies. What is so special about the green coffee beans? Well the extract of these beans helps to reduce absorption of fat from meals that are rich in carbohydrates and thus help to promote rapid fat burning effects in obese individuals.

Before you wish to know about the importance of green coffee beans, you should first try to get information on how refined coffee powder is made. The raw forms of coffee beans are green in colour and contain a very crucial phytochemical known as chlorogenic acid. This compound is actually involved in the massive fat cutting function and thus needs to be present in high amounts in the extract.

When the green coffee pods are subjected to a process called roasting, the functional property of chlorogenic acid gets lost. Roasting of coffee is the process of transforming all the essential physical and chemical characteristics of green coffee beans into roasted coffee products. This is mainly responsible for giving a flavour or taste to the coffee by degrading the raw taste of green coffee beans.

Importance of green coffee bean extract:

Before the coffee pods are subjected to roasting, it is in the form of green coffee beans that are rich in chlorogenic acid. Thus if this raw and unroasted form of coffee is supplemented in your regular diet in any form of liquid syrups, tea or pills, you can be immensely benefitted health-wise.

The extract of green coffee beans helps in positively stimulating nerve signalling to reduce absorption of fat from meals and feeling of hunger. It also gives a state of tranquillity and improves power of focus and alertness.

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